Would you like to update your conveyor technology?


Has your business expanded so you need new materials handling technology or a new silo? Would you like to have a partner for all assemblies with just one supplier?
Working with STEROS makes the modernization and expansion of your business easy and stress-free.

We can assemble all the units or parts you need - cyclone fans, bucket elevators, conveyors, hopper silos, flat bottom silos, etc. High-quality, well thought-out design solutions ensure that all parts of your plant work together smoothly and deliver efficient results. Intelligent software also ensures that all upstream and downstream units constantly communicate with each other. This will make your operation highly efficient.


Even complicated assemblies pose no problems for our specialist fitters. From simple steel construction to the assembly of complex conveyor belt systems with movable discharge trolleys, we assemble everything, even in the tightest of spaces.

A company is like a puzzle: if not all parts mesh exactly, the picture is flawed.
In a figurative sense, this means higher costs in the long term. I love jigsaw puzzles and that's why I love to work with my clients and find out exactly what they need. Every day at STEROS is a challenge - but the moment when all the pieces fit together for a customer is just pure joy. Michael Phillips,

Save yourself the tedious details of the plant design and let us work together with you on your completely individualized complete solution. Contact your STEROS customer partner today.