Your best choice:
The STEROS belt dryer

When we at STEROS promise you a tailor-made drying solution, we are serious - your belt dryers will be completely unique to meet the unique needs of your business.

However, all STEROS belt dryers share the same characteristics to ensure high efficiency, low maintenance, and excellent ROI.

The modular design of the STEROS belt dryers provides greater flexibility for your business - it can be quickly expanded or reduced to meet your needs, and its intelligent tape guide reduces dust generation. The high-quality insulation also ensures that your team (and your neighbors!) Will never complain about noise again.

The STEROS belt dryer is completely multi-functional, so you can be sure you have made the best choice for your future business growth.


Intelligent software


• Our engineers have developed groundbreaking intelligent software that automatically regulates drying processes, minimizing labor costs and increasing your business revenue.



Multi-level temperature controllers allow customizable precision.

High performance


External thermal insulation prevents heat loss and condensation through condensation, optimizing performance year-round and in all weather conditions.



Your regulatory needs and site conditions are critical to determining the height, width and length of your dryer to ensure the best possible belt surface - and as your business grows and grows, you can always adjust those metrics accordingly.

Numerous applications


One for all - a dryer for a wide range of applications: your dryer can be designed for a variety of purposes, making it quick and easy to change products frequently.

24/7 service


Our technical team provides 24-hour Support, 7 days a week, worldwide for the life of your dryer – never fall behind with production again.

Case studies on individual solutions

At STEROS, we are committed to understanding your business as well as you do to meet your drying needs.

When we work with you, we consider all parts of your business - your geographic location and location requirements, weather conditions, as well as your human resources, so your dryer is tailored to your business. Read below how we have adapted dryers for other partners andcontact us for a quote..

Individual room solution

A farmer and biogas plant operator from northwestern North Rhine-Westphalia had an existing canopy for his old dryer that "never worked". We customized a STEROS belt dryer to match the dimensions of the canopy, connecting it to all existing cables and electrical wiring, and built a bespoke transportation system to transport the final product to a nearby packing facility.

Type: STBT 650/7
Size: 500 kW from hot water cycle + 150 kW from flue gas (450 °) + preheated air from gas mixture radiator
Product: Untreated fermentation residues with a DS content of 12%

Individual solution for more flexibility

This large dryer was needed within an exceptionally short time (7 weeks) by a compost entrepreneur in northwestern Baden-Württemberg to meet the demands of the upcoming harvest season. The STEROS belt dryer required custom programming due to frequent product changes, and the product entry unit was custom-made to optimize the dialogue with the moisture sensors and ensure product stability.

Type: STBT 4000/11
Size: 4 MW + Abwärmerückgewinnung
Product: Marc / grape seeds

Individual product solution

The launch of the STEROS belt dryer required a sophisticated solution due to the different product qualities and a downstream swing conveyor belt for even material distribution. In cooperation with the owner of the biomass plant in the district of Lower Saxony, we designed an individual belt cleaning system with wet and dry brushes, as the products tended to clog the polyester fabric tape.

Type: STBT 2.000/10/DB
Size 2 MW-bilayer
Product:Filter cake (phosphate sludge) / wastes from the food industry

Individual replacement solution

Europe's largest sawn timber manufacturer based in the south of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had to replace an existing dryer with an energy-efficient STEROS belt dryer for drying beech shavings for the Danish smoked salmon industry. The design and layout had to meet the exact specifications of the previous model and the dryer was built on piles to utilize the existing conveyor technology.

Type STBT 1.600/8
Size: 1.000 kW 110° Hot water from kiln plant
Produkt:Sawdust and shavings of beech