Constructions / special machine construction

Construction work for machines and plants

For some years, it is no longer state of the art to implement even small projects without detailed planning.
The benefits of 3D planning can not be denied. Do not bind labor to complex calculations or complex drawings.
The IT-supported design offers you better resource utilization, as well as manpower and material.
Everything can be implemented through an optimized waste plan up to the individual parts list. On request, we can create drawings for cutting, complementing of assemblies and parts lists for assembly.

Below are examples of special machines / prototype construction

Construction of a vertical conveyor for woodchip conveyance


Constantly controlling changeover flap for flue gas.

Bigbag loader with load cells

Construction and production of a
Silo plant with steel substructure

Construction and production of warm air heaters

For direct or indirect firing of drying plants